We solve the problems that keep leaders up at night.

At Tsamoutales Strategies, our elite team of professionals is dedicated to one thing – delivering winning results to our Faithful Investors.  The professionals at Tsamoutales Strategies excel in government relations, business development and management consulting, as well as serving as policy and budget advisors, and effectively serve as our Faithfuls' sales intermediary advisors with local, state and federal government agencies.

Our team consists of individuals that have and continue to serve presidential candidates (both domestic and abroad), gubernatorial candidates, Nobel Peace Prize laureates, sitting governors and presidents, as well as members of congress and state legislatures.  And, in the private sector, we advise at the president, chairman, CEO and senior management level. 

We also frequently complement our elite team of professionals with local experts.  This gives us the ability to hit the ground running for our Faithful Investors – because so often, being fast and flexible is as important as being capable.