Government Procurement

To become a leader, you must first understand your consumer.

Government agencies acquire more goods and services than any other group in the world, and our government relations experts know how to position our faithful clients to be the top sellers of products and services to this unique and challenging group of consumers.

Navigating the political landscape is challenging, but our team of government relations experts monitor and understand the ever-changing statutory and regulatory structure of government, as well as the unique facets of the procurement process.

At Tsamoutales Strategies, we pride ourselves in having honed our skills in government procurement with a keen focus on pre-bid analysis and structure, procurement regulation and protocol, as well as successful bid preparation and negotiations.

Our expert counsel and precision strategy leads to unparalleled results for our clients and our track record speaks for itself.

Hear what our Faithful Investors are saying about our Government Procurement practice:
"A large part of our joint success was due to Tsamoutales Strategies guidance, experience and knowing what would serve the client best."
--Donna Arduin, President of Arduin, Laffer & Moore

"Tsamoutales Strategies is the most action and results-oriented firm in the business. No matter what jurisdiction or project we are working on, we can count on Frank and his team to closely listen to our needs and get the job done."
-- Kevin Madden, Vice President / General Manager / Managing Director, Honeywell Energy Services Group