Direct Lobbying

It is just as important to have a presence in the halls of power, as it is to have a strong presence on Wall Street.

Our government affairs practice underscores our commitment to fostering the most favorable and healthy business environments for our Faithful Investors. We work to pass key legislation at the local, state and federal levels that will positively impact the business environment that our Investors are living in. We also remain vigilant to legislative threats and are constantly working to defeat legislation that has the potential to negatively impact our Faithful Investors.

We invite you to view our success stories in Direct Lobbying:

Brevard County, Fla.

With the state legislature facing a harsh economic landscape and a severely diminished state budget, counties have struggled to garner state funding for economic development projects. During the 2011 Florida Legislative Session(s), Tsamoutales Strategies aggressively lobbied the legislature on behalf of Brevard County and produced measurable results, including:

  • Successfully lobbying the legislature for an economic development and jobs package that allocates $19.8 million to Space Florida, in addition to $7.5 million to build roads for Exploration Park, as well as $3,839,943 for Space Florida Operations;
  • Successfully lobbying for and passing the "Space Transition and Revitalization Act," which authorizes the use of specified amount of resources for projects to retain or create high-technology jobs directly associated with developing a more diverse aerospace economy in Florida;
  • Successfully lobbying for the allocation of $4 million for construction of the St. Johns Heritage/Palm Bay Parkway;
  • Successfully lobbying for the allocation of more than $11 million in appropriations for beach restoration; and
  • Successfully lobbying for and passing the red light camera enforcement, which allows the use of cameras to enforce traffic violations for a driver's failure to stop at a traffic signal. At the time of passage, the provisions in the bill were estimated to increase local government revenues by $10.1 million in FY 2010-11, increasing to $65.7 million in FY 2013-14.

Osceola County, Fla.

With 67 counties in the State of Florida, it is imperative that legislative proposals do not get lost in the noise, especially at a time when lawmakers are faced with an extreme budget shortfall. When Osceola County brought Tsamoutales Strategies online, we quickly and strategically began advocating for their most important issues. During the 2011 Legislative Session, we successfully lobbied for the creation of the Osceola Expressway Authority that establishes a six-member governing body and obtained appropriations of more than $21 million to build a library at the Osceola branch of Valencia Community College.

Harris Corporation

Tsamoutales Strategies has successfully positioned Harris Corporation, a longtime faithful client, to be seen as an integral business interest in the State of Florida; and through strategic and proactive lobbying efforts, our firm has been able to successfully:

  • Include Harris Corporation and a Florida University in pivotal dialogue regarding legislation creating a Federal Aviation Administration Center of Excellence in Central Florida. As a leading FAA partner, Harris Corporation, through our lobbying efforts will continue to monitor and weigh in on substantial policy changes that affect their local business interests;
  • Lobby the legislature on restructuring the Corporate Income Tax and discuss potentially detrimental policies to Harris Corporation’s ongoing business interests in the State of Florida. Tsamoutales Strategies was instrumental in the defeat of any harmful Corporate Income Tax restructuring in Florida. Moreover, we were able to secure a seat at the table in upcoming discussions regarding the future restructuring of such tax policies;
  • Lobby the legislature for Workers Compensation Reform Legislation. As a key part of the business community, we were instrumental in lobbying for reform, due to the Florida Supreme Court decision striking down previous statutory provisions regarding attorney's fees;
  • Lobby for the passage of the "Florida Health Records Exchange Act." As a leader in the development of Health Information Technology and Support Services, our team was able to promote, on behalf of Harris Corporation, legislation creating the Florida Electronic Health Records Exchange Act. This legislation provides for definitions of terms related to electronic health records and the exchange of health information. The bill requires the Agency for Health Care Administration develop a universal patient authorization form for the use or release of a patient's identifiable health record and provides immunity from liability for release of an identifiable health record in reliance on the information provided on the authorization form.

Fisher Island Homeowners Association

On behalf of Fisher Island Homeowners Association, Tsamoutales Strategies successfully amended an exemption to legislation, which would have increased lease costs of submerged land leases on Fisher Island to the homeowners association. This saved our faithful client hundreds of thousands of dollars in unnecessary taxes for the only available evacuation route from the island.


"Tsamoutales Strategies has the ability to look beyond immediate challenges to build and enact long term strategic plans. It has been essential for our success..." 

--Cindi Marsiglio, Senior Director, East Business Unit Public Affairs & Government Relations, Walmart