Campaign Consulting

There is no substitute for experience.

Combined, our team has been involved in not only every presidential election since Richard Nixon - including senior level positions in the last four presidential elections – but Tsamoutales Strategies has also helped elect more than eight Governors and 10 U.S. Senators, including managing the largest margin of defeat for an incumbent in the U.S. Senate in the last 25 years, as well as assisting in the election of countless congressional members and state officials.

Beyond providing strategic advice and counsel to campaigns, we have also been responsible for the management of several state PACs and multi-state federal PAC's, including one of the largest grassroots PAC's in the country, with leaders and membership in all 50 states, and have helped raise more than $100 million for candidates around the country.

From general consulting to PAC fundraising and mobilizing grassroots efforts, Tsamoutales strategies has the depth, experience and knowledge to help candidates win elections.

Hear what our Faithful Investors are saying about our Campaign Consulting practice:
Members of the Tsamoutales Strategies team played an instrumental role in my Presidential Campaign and PAC. They've proven themselves time and again at the highest levels of American politics, but what makes me most grateful to work with them is their honesty, integrity and commitment to doing what's right."
--Governor Mike Huckabee, Fox News and Radio Show Host

"Sarah Huckabee Sanders managed my successful campaign for U.S. Senate and did a tremendous job under tough circumstances. Sarah is smart, hard working, and has an uncommon ability to inspire people to work together to achieve a common goal."
--U.S. Senator John Boozman (AR)

"Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a proven leader who operates with the highest ethical standards. Sarah has an outstanding record of achievement in campaigns and public affairs and is widely respected on both side of the aisle."
--Former Governor of Minnesota Tim Pawlenty